Curriculumn Vitae

2010 - Present

My current gig. I've had the wonderful opportunity to watch this company grow from a mere 5 employees to around 30, across both California and Bangalore.

As one of the longest tenured engineers, I've worked on pretty much every component in our stack, but most of my days are spend on middle-tier systems in Java/Groovy on Grails, including billing integrations with Braintree, PayPal and Shopify, overlaying our own subscription billing handling on top of these services.

On other days, I hack on our Ruby on Rails frontend, diving into the odd bit of CSS/JavaScript (not my forte).

I write code and design systems, play around with devops and sit in on business calls with business and technology partners. I've done quite a bit of everything, and it's been incredibly rewarding.

We're doing big things, so be on the lookout!

2008 - 2010

I worked on the Platform team at LogLogic, writing software for their log management and compliance network appliances. These were Linux-based systems with a heavily customized OS that was basically LFS with some additional tooling (Rock Linux, and its successor, T2).

The code was mostly C and Python (for the OS management software that was custom to the appliance). I remember a lot of reverse engineering of RedHat installer code when we were trying to port the software over to CentOS.

I learned, and have subsequently forgotten, a good amount of software RAID management and rescuing Linux installations on the brink of failure. I can also do cruel and unusual things with initrds.

Among other things, I rolled out security patches for SPAWAR, attended BlizzCon '09 with half my team and the QA team, and managed to get a patch accepted for git-svn, allowing it to work with SVN repositories under subdirectories.

2006 - 2008

TeleNav was a great place to start my career. I had the good fortune to work with an exceptional manager, an inspiring mentor, and a great team.

I worked on a lot of fun projects while at TeleNav - I was on the original team to get traffic-aware GPS navigation launched, and I was also part of a grand rewrite of their map server architecture. We reimplemented, almost from scratch, a server capable of calculating least-cost paths from point A to B, as well as serve up map features and POIs.

At the same time, I also ended up running point for all releases, coordinating cross-functionally as well as internationally. I visited the office in Shanghai twice, once to work on traffic-aware routing, and again to roll out full-Linux development environments (the office there was very much a Microsoft shop). I also ran point for most P0 alerts and worked really closely with the Ops team there.